Feedback session – revised IL-Secondary Curriculum

This is a follow up message for a question that came up recently at an ILEA Institutional Forum meeting. The Ministry of Education is having a feedback session on the revised IL-Secondary Curriculum Guidelines in Toronto on March 8th - this is with invitation only. Subject associations such as ILEA along with school boards are being asked to provide feedback on the revised document. If you have not heard about this and are interested in giving feedback, ask your institution. As well you will have a chance to provide feedback via ILEA on this document after the meeting occurs. … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy in International Language Classrooms

The Ministry of Education provided ILEA with a grant to take the principles of financial literacy and create activities for the language classroom based on those principles. Unit plans have been created along with sample activity descriptions and rubrics for culminating tasks. Activity description handouts have also been translated/interpreted into French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Simplified Mandarin.  These are available here and in the resource section of ILEA's website. … [Read more...]

Canadian Languages Strategy!

ILEA is the ONTARIO voice on the CLA (Canadian Languages Association) and has been communicating with Senator Mobina Jaffer on developing a multilingual vision for Canada.  We hope to provide you more information on this initiative in 2012.  In the meanwhile, have a look at the document that is the focus of our work and you will be pleased to see that ILEA's four pillars for the importance of multilingualism have been referenced in the document.  Please find the document in the Resources section of our website. For more information on the CLA follow this link: … [Read more...]

ILEA in Barcelona

ILEA's Presentation in Barcelona is being featured again! Our Executive Director's interview at LINGUAMON in Barcelona is on the website again. Check out Linguamon's website for information on the future opening of the new building for their "House of Languages." The province of Catalunya has been looking at Ontario's model for international languages in order to increase the amount of language programs being offered for their diverse population of today. Constantine Ioannou's talk has been written up and is available in the resource section. The link: … [Read more...]

Accents on Language! – Spring 2010

ILEA Newsletter: Accents on Language! - Spring 2010 … [Read more...]

The Weekend School…

The Weekend School... A child's experience in an International Language Program in storybook format. … [Read more...]

ILEA’s YouTube Channel

ILEA is now on YouTube!  More clips to come in the future - our channel name is:  ileaontario ILEA's youtube channel … [Read more...]

National Language and Cultural Expo commercial

National Language and Cultural Expo was held on October 2-3, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  This was the first Language and Culture Expo in Toronto and it welcomed many language learners, teachers, linguists, translators, businesses, and everyone from the general public interested in language and culture education and services.  ILEA had a booth and was the organizer of the program's professional presentations.  Presentations included:  Common European Framework, Family Literacy, Effective Strategies for Language Classrooms, Tips for Language Learners. National Language and Cultural … [Read more...]