ILEA Membership

Support our Multilingual Vision for Canada!  Stay current in the field of language education and advocate for excellence and recognition for our programs by joining your professional association. All members receive electronic copies of our popular newsletter:  Accents on Language! at least twice a year along with updates, news and other items relevant to language teaching and learning.

Members also get discounts on ILEA products as they become available such as our Languages for Peace pins and the ILEA Multilingual Water Bottle – information available via the merchandise and resources sections.

Individual Memberships – $25.00 dollars per year. Individual memberships are on-hold until Fall 2022.

Teachers, volunteers, community members, administrators and any and all supporters of language education are welcome to join ILEA and help us promote a healthy vision of language learning in Canada.

Educators may also join by contacting their school board institutional representatives. Individual members receive ILEA newsletters, communication and resources that become available.

Institutional Members – $75.00 dollars per person per year

Institutional members are key contact people from school board departments, schools, educational associations and organizations, exchange foundations, publishers, faculties of languages or education, embassies or any other bodies that are committed to language and culture education.

Institutional members represent their institutions at meetings and have a voice in the organization and direction of the association.  Over forty school boards have had membership representation in ILEA Ontario along with various other professional organizations dedicated to good practices in language education. Institutional members represent schools, departments, organizations.

There may be as many institutional members as the institution would like considering that these positions usually represent some level of leadership and/or expertise in program delivery, development and coordination. Institutional members receive ILEA newsletters, communication and resources along with additional materials related to the promotion of program and the development of instructional staff. Institutional members are invited to attend ILEA Institutional Forum meetings that happen 2-3 times per year and have voting rights.