Language Alliance

What is the Language Alliance?

Created by a committee of ILEA members in the Ottawa region, the Language Alliance was an initiative to unite all language educators for the purpose of sharing best practices, issues and ideas for effective language teaching and learning. The Language Alliance believes that there is a need for a healthy and progressive attitude within Canada in regards to multilingualism. Educators of ESL (English as a Second Language), FSL (French as a Second Language), IL (International Languages) and other educators involved with language and literacy in either elementary, secondary or adult programs within schools, colleges or universities need to collaborate to promote the values of a multilingual and intercultural society. All language educators can advocate for each other’s programs and influence society at large to embrace the opportunities for students to maintain their first or heritage language, be successful in both English and French and acquire more languages.

ILEA looks forward to increasing its own alliances with associations dedicated to language teaching and learning.

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