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ILEA Spring Forum (Virtual Meeting)

Good day! ILEA hopes everyone is well and safe, and managing in our current situation.   We would like to have a meeting most likely via Google Meet on Wednesday, June 3rd at 2 pm until approximately 3:30 pm.  Please confirm that you can join through Google Meet.   We will keep the topics to the following:   1. COVID19 - please share any successes or limitations that you have had by delivering the remainder of your IIL classes online in the absence of physical meeting;   2. Summer Plans - please share how you are delivering (if you are) any summer programs - are you doing online versions for … [Read more...]

Update to ILEA Members during the COVID 19 Pandemic

ILEA sends greetings and best wishes for the well being as well as the health and safety of ILEA members and their colleagues, families and friends. We certainly are hopeful for a manageable future for everyone worldwide and thoughts are also with those in our programs who may have family members locally and overseas coping with the current context. Some have been asking for ILEA to ask the Ministry about how to record missed sessions due to school closures. At this time, the executive have discussed this and have shared with members the wording currently appearing on Continuing Education … [Read more...]

ILEA Winter Working Forum 2020

Greetings to all Institutional Members of ILEA! The Winter Forum is almost upon us!! We will once again focus on a few topics of interest for ILEA members to work on/discuss/plan action on. The Winter Forum tends to be focused on less items but more work time and group discussions than the Fall and Spring Forums. Please see the agenda below. The meeting will be from 10 am to 2:30 pm on Friday February 28th, 2020. We are so very happy that the administration of the Peel District School Board has asked to host ILEA for this session and will be providing a working lunch for us all to enjoy. A big … [Read more...]

ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting – Fall 2019

AGENDA 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. Program Overview of the TDSB 3. ILEA Membership Reminders 4. ILEA Initiatives Intercultural Understanding Tasks Completed - WORKSHOP Language Alliance/Partnering with other subject associations - DISCUSSION 5. Discussion of PD for 2019-2020 Focus areas for school districts (whole group) ILEA responses to lack of funding for IIL-E (groups) 6. Research Findings for IL (University of Ottawa) 7. Indigenous Languages Updates – group sharing/tips 8. Other Discussion Points and Sharing decided by the group 9. Setting agenda items for Winter Forum (a few … [Read more...]

ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting – Winter 2019

Dear ILEA colleagues, Happy new year to all of you! May the Year 2019 be a happy and healthy one for you and your families! As we discussed at our fall meeting, our ILEA Winter Forum meeting will be held in Richmond Hill on February 11 from 10:00 to 3:00. A big thank-you to Mariela Giuliano and her staff of the York Region District School Board (International Languages Program) for volunteering to host. The focus of the WINTER FORUM will continue to be on fewer topics with longer discussion times having both pedagogical and administrative themes. The agenda will include presentations at the … [Read more...]

State of IL-E Programs in Ontario

Based on a survey of school districts across Ontario, ILEA compiled some results related to the state of IL-E programs across the province. ILEA spent much time connecting with school boards to get a comprehensive picture of third language programs at the elementary level with hopes to move into a similar survey for secondary programs in the future. The results were quite interesting. The most profound piece of data was the fact that professional development was by far the most identified need in the program yet many school boards were limited in what they could provide. As well, it became … [Read more...]

ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting – Fall 2018

Dear ILEA Colleagues, We will have our first ILEA Institutional Forum for this school year in Ottawa - we bring the ILEA meeting to Ottawa every 2-3 years in order to accommodate our Eastern Ontario members who usually travel to Southern Ontario for our meetings. The meeting will be on Monday, November 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  It has been three years since we last had a meeting in Ottawa, so we are looking forward to it! We welcome topics for the agenda for this meeting. Please email me items that you would like to discuss by November 1st, 2018. The following items will be included … [Read more...]

Aga Khan Museum – an ILEA Resource

Thanks to a special opportunity coming from the Ministry of Education and the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, ILEA is proud to launch its first resource that provides language educators with tasks that can be done in person or online at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. ILEA has looked at a few selections from the wonderful art objects and paintings available at the Aga Khan Museum and have created enriching and engaging activities that can be offered in language classes. Tasks are available in English across three levels with student resources also available in French, Persian and Arabic. We are … [Read more...]