Update on Intercultural Understanding in IL

The full document, Intercultural Understanding in International Languages - Tasks for the Classroom, is in English with sample classroom activities available in English, French, Arabic, German, Greek (Modern), Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. To make it easier for educators of the additional languages used to translate the original English activities, we have created additional PDF files that house only the activities for the classrooms for these … [Read more...]

Intercultural Understanding in International Languages – Tasks for the Classroom

The Ministry of Education provided a grant to ILEA a few years ago to develop tasks that focus in on the expectations for Intercultural Understanding within the curriculum guidelines. ILEA has produced a useful document that discusses an approach to working with the Intercultural Understanding expectations that appear within the expectations of the language skill areas. Please see the entire document here: ICU_ILEA_February_2020_Complete DocumentDownload The document is in English with sample activities available in English, French, Arabic, German, Greek (Modern), Italian, Japanese, … [Read more...]

Aga Khan Museum – an ILEA Resource

Thanks to a special opportunity coming from the Ministry of Education and the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, ILEA is proud to launch its first resource that provides language educators with tasks that can be done in person or online at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. ILEA has looked at a few selections from the wonderful art objects and paintings available at the Aga Khan Museum and have created enriching and engaging activities that can be offered in language classes. Tasks are available in English across three levels with student resources also available in French, Persian and Arabic. We are … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy in IL 2nd Edition

ILEA Ontario is proud to announce the release of its second edition of Financial Literacy in International Languages. This resource document has been updated to reflect the most recent curriculum expectations for International Languages - Secondary. As in the past, this resource demonstrates assessment planning using the theme of financial literacy for levels 1, 2 and 3 of International Languages. The unit plan shows how the three types of assessments are connected within the unit and it is accompanied by tasks descriptions and sample materials for Assessment FOR Learning and Assessment OF … [Read more...]

IL Ministry update and future ILEA meetings

Good day ILEA Institutional Reps! The Ministry of Education IL-E Resource Guide has now been posted! Further good news has been confirmed this week with the Ministry as well - the Ministry will be developing the website that features this document with sample resources, organizers from the document, checklists, links and more! ILEA will provide assistance for the development of this website and this will include ILEA's Four Pillars of the Importance of International Language Education! Great news! In regards to IL-S (Secondary), this Ministry of Education Curriculum Guideline is still in … [Read more...]

Workshop in Ottawa: It’s in the task!

ILEA (International Languages Educators' Association) in partnership with OTF (Ontario Teachers' Federation) is offering a summer program for teachers of International Languages on July 25 and 26, 2012 in Ottawa. For a full description of the workshop please go to the OTF website. The link follows below. This workshop is open to all elementary and secondary language teachers. Please note that the workshop is only for certified teachers ( OCT or letter of standing). The deadline for registration is June 8th. This is the first time that we are offering this workshop in Ottawa. We hope that … [Read more...]

IL Research Project – Laura Ambrosio

Laura Ambrosio, representative of institutional member University of Ottawa, updated ILEA institutional reps on her research projects at the Winter Forum that took place in Ottawa in February of 2012.  Laura has been doing a research project on the current status and needs of IL instructors in Ontario (and hopefully will spread this onwars throughout Canada).  The attached document (below) is a summary of her presentation to the ILEA folks last month. … [Read more...]

It’s in the task!

ILEA's Executive will be presenting this weekend in Edmonton for IHLA (International and Heritage Languages Association - Northern Alberta).  Maria and Constantine will be presenting the workshop:  It's in the Task! that focuses on the creation of effective performance-based tasks for communicative language classrooms.  The program flyer is attached for information on this ILEA workshop. … [Read more...]