About ILEA

ILEA (International Languages Educators’ Association) institutional members represent International Languages Programs across the province of Ontario. They are appointed by their individual school boards to attend regular meetings of the Association. Other organizations committed to language and global learning are also members. ILEA welcomes all supporters to join as individual members. All members receive the Accents on Language!

ILEA’s Beliefs:

  • All languages are important.
  • Multilingualism is an invaluable resource for Canada.
  • Maintenance of one’s first or heritage language is crucial in the development of Canada’s official languages.
  • Learning additional, international languages is key to a child’s personal, cognitive, social and intercultural growth and development.
  • The provision and recognition of language programs within educational settings contributes to social cohesion within society and to the development of global perspectives among its citizens.
  • Language programs benefit by ongoing professional development, the exchange of ideas and a commitment to the field of international language education.
  • Educators play a vital role in the success of the program and are accountable to learners, the community and the field of language education at large.