Partner Links

Partner Language Associations across Canada

CLA/ACL – Canadian Languages Association/Association Canadienne des Langues

SAIL British Columbia – Society for the Advancement of International Languages (British Columbia)

SAHLA Southern Alberta – Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association

IHLA Northern Alberta – International and Heritage Languages Association (formerly NAHLA – Northern Alberta Heritage Languages Association)

SOHL Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages

AQLO Quebec – L’Association Québécoise des Langues d’Origine (AQLO) / Québec Heritage Language Association (QHLA) – link not available


Student Exchange Programs

Learning a language is a great experience that can only be enhanced by an experience overseas. The following exchange organizations represent a forum of exchange providers and are ILEA institutional members. We encourage educators, learners and families to consider the exchange programs offered by the following exchange organizations:

STS – Student Travel Schools

CEEF – Canadian Education Exchange Foundation

ISE – International Student Exchange (Ontario)