Air and water, earth and fire … actually, metal and electricity. You may think: talking about pre-socratic philosophers? A famous R&B group of the 80's? Not at all. It’s the theme of a Canadian premiere, the Italian language edu-musical “Sempreverde/Evergreen”, that just landed in Vaughan, Toronto, at the City Playhouse Theatre, with eight performances in four days (October 24 to 27), for junior high and elementary school children who study Italian. Sempreverde is an ecological musical fully devoted to nature stewardship and a strong appeal for recycling and the preservation of the … [Read more...]

Intercultural Awareness Storytelling Challenge

ILEA is the subject association of IL-E and IL-S educators in Ontario and brings together teachers and administrators of the most diverse international languages and cultural backgrounds from every corner of the world. As such ILEA is committed to: · Excellence in second language education with a focus on authentic language interaction; · Inclusiveness; · Intercultural awareness; · Plurilingual education; · Strengthening identity with the goal of fostering plural identities and a sense of belonging of our students as global, cosmopolitan citizens. As an expression of and tribute to our proud … [Read more...]

IL Research Project – Laura Ambrosio

Laura Ambrosio, representative of institutional member University of Ottawa, updated ILEA institutional reps on her research projects at the Winter Forum that took place in Ottawa in February of 2012.  Laura has been doing a research project on the current status and needs of IL instructors in Ontario (and hopefully will spread this onwars throughout Canada).  The attached document (below) is a summary of her presentation to the ILEA folks last month. … [Read more...]

Language Alliance Meeting in Ottawa

We are long overdue for the next meeting of the Language Alliance!  If you were not there last time, the Language Alliance is a subcommittee and networking group formed by ILEA Ontario (www.ilea.ca). The second meeting of the Language Alliance meeting will be on: Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm. at the Albert Education Centre (440 Albert Street - room W131). Meeting will be done by 6:00 pm. Treats available! We had a really rich discussion last time; let's keep up the momentum! Last time, we asked people to come to the meeting with some of these questions in mind - I think they are still … [Read more...]

Some recent articles in the news

Here are some recent articles in the news related to language education that you are sure to enjoy! Thanks to Mike Gretton of SAHLA in Calgary who forwarded these interesting items! Children show gift for language - information on the growth of bilingual/immersion programs in Alberta where parents can select immersion programs in French or another language such as Mandarin, Spanish, German, Ukrainian: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/calgary/Bilingual+kids+edge+studies+show/6178594/story.html Learning your native language is tricky, say adult offspring of immigrants - article about the … [Read more...]

Editorial: February 21 is International Mother Language Day

An article from the Vancouver Sun: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Editorial+February+International+Mother+Language/6182293/story.html#ixzz1n37pU1Aj … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy in International Language Classrooms

The Ministry of Education provided ILEA with a grant to take the principles of financial literacy and create activities for the language classroom based on those principles. Unit plans have been created along with sample activity descriptions and rubrics for culminating tasks. Activity description handouts have also been translated/interpreted into French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Simplified Mandarin.  These are available here and in the resource section of ILEA's website. … [Read more...]

Canadian Languages Strategy!

ILEA is the ONTARIO voice on the CLA (Canadian Languages Association) and has been communicating with Senator Mobina Jaffer on developing a multilingual vision for Canada.  We hope to provide you more information on this initiative in 2012.  In the meanwhile, have a look at the document that is the focus of our work and you will be pleased to see that ILEA's four pillars for the importance of multilingualism have been referenced in the document.  Please find the document in the Resources section of our website. For more information on the CLA follow this link:  http://www.canadianlanguages.ca … [Read more...]