About ILP


The International Languages Program includes the teaching of over 100 languages within the province of Ontario.
The teaching of languages other than English or French across Ontario is an important part of a child’s education in school.
The International Languages – Elementary Program applies to all languages other than Canada’s official languages and is open to all children enrolled in elementary schools in Ontario whose parents wish them to learn a language in addition to English and French. All students can benefit from this program, whether they wish to learn a language for the very first time or extend their knowledge of their first or ancestral language.
Research has shown that students who study additional languages improve their communication skills in all languages.
As well, studying one’s heritage language promotes educational success and can improve the learning of English or French.

The International Languages Credit Program is offered to students who are interested in learning languages for their own personal interest, to increase their awareness of the world, and for possible career opportunities.  Many students discover these programs when considering taking part in a student exchange program or other global opportunity.
Some students in secondary schools graduate with language capabilities in three, four, or five languages! This has great impact on their social and intellectual development, as well as their future career options. Both programs provide opportunities for all students to develop new language competencies and cultural understandings that will allow them to function effectively both in Canada’s multicultural society and in the international community.

Link to International Languages (Elementary) Resource Guide of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Link to International Languages (Secondary) Curriculum Guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education.