Intercultural Awareness Storytelling Challenge

ILEA is the subject association of IL-E and IL-S educators in Ontario and brings together teachers and administrators of the most diverse international languages and cultural backgrounds from every corner of the world. As such ILEA is committed to:
· Excellence in second language education with a focus on authentic language interaction;
· Inclusiveness;
· Intercultural awareness;
· Plurilingual education;
· Strengthening identity with the goal of fostering plural identities and a sense of belonging of our students as global, cosmopolitan citizens.

As an expression of and tribute to our proud sense of diversity and unity, as well as our common goals, we have started a tradition. At the beginning of each meeting, we share a story from one of our rich traditional storytelling repertoires worldwide. We called it “Intercultural Awareness Storytelling Challenge”. The stories that are shared are traditional, exemplary accounts of the interconnectedness of people’s identities and diversity. We are selecting stories that represent the most diverse cultures, world-views, religious beliefs and lifestyles, but that, in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue, also convey the universal message of interconnectedness and interdependence. These stories highlight the vital importance of seeing the world from the perspective of others in order to nurture a fully developed personal, social, moral and truth-seeking identity. Please share with us your most cherished stories, legends or myths from your culture, or a culture you love, by emailing our chair, Luca Buiani, at

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