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IL Ministry update and future ILEA meetings

Good day ILEA Institutional Reps! The Ministry of Education IL-E Resource Guide has now been posted!

Further good news has been confirmed this week with the Ministry as well – the Ministry will be developing the website that features this document with sample resources, organizers from the document, checklists, links and more! ILEA will provide assistance for the development of this website and this will include ILEA’s Four Pillars of the Importance of International Language Education! Great news!

In regards to IL-S (Secondary), this Ministry of Education Curriculum Guideline is still in development but ILEA has been contracted to produce some materials and workshops to complement this document – presentations will happen in at least five cities over the next school year – details to be announced.

As you can read, there is a lot going on, so we will postpone holding another ILEA meeting this school year so that many items can be planned for the next school year. We will be in communication again later this month about some of the details and will hope to have an Institutional Forum meeting in the fall.

Please do keep us up to date with your own work in IL as well and do share the document that has now been posted in your school boards! You can of course continue to follow ILEA on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Constantine Ioannou

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