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Workshop in Ottawa: It’s in the task!

ILEA (International Languages Educators’ Association) in partnership with OTF (Ontario Teachers’ Federation) is offering a summer program for teachers of International Languages on July 25 and 26, 2012 in Ottawa.

For a full description of the workshop please go to the OTF website. The link follows below.

This workshop is open to all elementary and secondary language teachers. Please note that the workshop is only for certified teachers ( OCT or letter of standing).

The deadline for registration is June 8th.

This is the first time that we are offering this workshop in Ottawa. We hope that international languages educators will sign up for this professional learning and sharing opportunity.

It’s in the Task!
Presenters:  Constantine Ioannou, Maria Makrakis
What goes into the development of an effective, relevant and rich performance-based task for a language classroom? ILEA Ontario has started a project to get all language teachers to work in collaboration to develop sample tasks that can be used, modified or adapted for any language classroom. Participants will discuss what constitutes a good task, develop criteria that can be used for evaluating performance on a summative task in a classroom and consider how to implement tasks within a highly communicative and interactive classroom.  The presenters will provide an overview of strategies for planning teaching units using the approaches and strategies for dynamic language classrooms. Participants will draft out, revise and present sample tasks to their fellow colleagues. These tasks will be integrated into a databank of task samples being developed by ILEA and that has already incorporated task ideas for teachers in Ottawa and in Western Canada. A summary of the levels of the Common European Framework of References will be provided in order to unite all language educators with a generic guide for the development of their tasks.

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