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ILEA Winter Forum 2023

The winter forum followed the tradition of being a workshop/specific focus for its members. This workshop gave institutional members an opportunity to experience a workshop designed for teachers of International Languages that focused on assessment planning and instructional strategies for the classroom. Constantine Ioannou led the workshop by first creating an icebreaker activity that engaged participants into the thinking process that goes behind the development of tasks for the classroom. After having discussed criteria, task descriptions and rubrics, Constantine then led the group into developing an understanding of the backward design process and the three types of assessment (of/for/as learning). This then led the group into some dynamic activities and reflections on good instructional practices for the classroom. It was a fun afternoon for all and also enabled members to consider the use of not only the workshop materials for their own local purposes but also the many task-based materials that ILEA has created and translated over the last few years that demonstrate good practices for assessment, evaluation and instruction.

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