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Study Abroad Scholarships from STS for ILEA School Boards!

STS and ILEA believe in the value of language learning and the opportunity for young people to study abroad through an exchange program. ILEA is happy to have various exchange organizations as partners in our association and one of them, STS has offered scholarships for ten students wishing to participate on an exchange program in 2015. Please see the attached document that outlines the information, due dates and application. Applications are due on Friday, June 27, 2014. Please share this with students in French and International Language programs within schools or school boards that are ILEA institutional members. Applications can be sent via email: by the deadline. Please note that ILEA and STS will offer the scholarship but a student’s participation on an exchange is a school or school district decision and both ILEA and STS are not in a position to influence a specific institution to ensure a student’s participation on an exchange. ILEA is grateful to this offer by STS and looks forward to congratulating 10 lucky students with this opportunity.

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