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ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting – Winter 2017

We hope that all is well with you and your program.

The ILEA Winter Forum in 2017 is now under the new format for all future Winter Forums – Committee Forum. This approach allows for smaller groupings based on current and popular topics identified by the Institutional Members.

This will give ILEA representatives an opportunity to engage in rich dialogues on the topics that are of interest. Each committee will summarize key points and make recommendations. Members who are not ready to make a commitment to a specific committee yet, can feel free to move around to different committee discussions.

The meeting will be held at York Region School Board on April 18, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Information with address and room numbers will be emailed to members soon.

Please confirm attendance by emailing the Chair, Luca at:

A very special thank-you to Kelly LeBlanc, Amelia Di Prospero and their new Principal of Continuing Education, Susie Nunes, for hosting this meeting. And thanks to our past chair, Maria Makrakis, for organizing this meeting.

The following are the group or committees:

1. Elementary Curriculum – developing a common appropriate curriculum for all IL Elementary programs, sharing resources, sharing materials, developing generic tasks. Providing in-service, share resources on ILEA website. Inter-board projects.

2. Funding Matters – PD funding, custodian funding, curriculum funding, resources funding, Ministry advocacy, accessibility for all learners – educational assistance. Human resources challenges. Financial analysis information.
3. Marketing and Promotion – value of International Languages, research projects and initiatives, promotion to day schools. Survey for advocacy and promotion purposes.

4. Trillium System – new registration system, attendance registers, best practices.

5. In-services for instructors, teachers, administrators.

6. International Languages Secondary – implementation of new curriculum and in-service for teachers.

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