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What is the European Union Day of Languages?

LEA Ontario is pleased to welcome all language educators, supporters and learners to the start of a new school year. Considering our current context, programs have had to adjust/embrace the virtual world for program delivery. We are confident that educators and learners will find approaches that work best. ILEA is happy to partner with the European Union Delegation to Canada (and its members/associates) to promote the European Union Day of Languages. This annual day of recognition is on September 26th but its idea and concept is important all year long. ILEA is currently collecting video clips and other resources from the European Union Delegation to Canada and associates to offer introductions to the languages of Europe on our EDL (European Day of Languages) page. There you will find more information on this special day and what you can do as an educator of International Languages to recognize the date no matter the language you teach! In addition, we have resources to help you increase language awareness with your learners – a great initiative especially at the start of the new school year. Click on the link below for more information:

Click here to access ILEA’s European Union Day of Languages page and resources.

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