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Workshop in Calgary: Good teaching strategies and good tasks for the language classroom

For those in Alberta! The Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association (SAHLA) is a sister association of ILEA that is based in Calgary. They have had the tradition of bringing ILEA to do workshops every fall and spring and this year is no different. Here is ILEA’s presentation information – if you are in Calgary or will be for that weekend, contact SAHLA to join up.

Good teaching strategies and good tasks for the language classroom

Presenter: Constantine Ioannou, Executive Director of ILEA Ontario and coordinator of international projects with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Dates: Saturday June 23 (2 to 5 pm) and Sunday June 24 (1 to 4 pm)
Location: SAHLA Resource Centre #205, 1409 Edmonton Trail NE


ILEA Ontario and SAHLA working in collaboration! Our organizations wish to start collecting sample rich tasks for the language classroom that teachers can use, modify, adapt for their languages, grades and levels. Task levels will be based on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Participants will discuss what constitutes good tasks for the language classroom, criteria for evaluating a summative task in a classroom and other considerations for ensuring tasks are meaningful and performance-based. A summary of good teaching strategies for language classrooms will be provided followed by group work on the creation of rich performance tasks for anybody’s classroom. Participants will spend time drafting out, presenting and revising sample tasks that will be shared with teachers within Calgary and in other parts of Canada.

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