Study Abroad Scholarships from STS for ILEA School Boards!

STS and ILEA believe in the value of language learning and the opportunity for young people to study abroad through an exchange program. ILEA is happy to have various exchange organizations as partners in our association and one of them, STS has offered scholarships for ten students wishing to participate on an exchange program in 2015. Please see the attached document that outlines the information, due dates and application. Applications are due on Friday, June 27, 2014. Please share this with students in French and International Language programs within schools or school boards that are … [Read more...]

Institutions offering Mandarin Chinese programs

Please see attached information from the TDSB re workshops for teachers or instructors offered in China - July 2014 offered through their Memorandum of Understanding with Qiaoban (Overseas Affairs Office of the State Council). Information on their student camp is also attached. … [Read more...]

Our website has been hacked

URGENT: Our website has been hacked. Some links, text, posts may have been edited without authorization. We were able to revert some of the unauthorized changes but probably not all of them. If you find anything out of place or any inappropriate text within our pages or posts, please let us know … [Read more...]

ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting – Winter 2014

The ILEA Institutional Forum for Winter 2014 will take place on Monday February 10, 2014 (9:30 am to 3:00 pm)!  The meeting will take place at the GOETHE INSTITUT in Toronto, Ontario. The Goethe-Institut is a super resource that promotes the learning of German around the world with many programs and initiatives that support the learning of German or establishing partnerships with Germany. Location: Educators involved with international languages, exchanges or any programs that promote multilingualism, first and additional language and … [Read more...]

Institutional Forum Meeting

Good day ILEA Institutional Forum! By now everyone has become settled in for the school year and it is time for our fall meeting to be hosted by the York catholic district school board Thank you to our president elect Luca Buiani who is our host and will be providing lunch for us. Agenda items include: -placement of students in IL secondary -ministry updates -the ILE resource guide and it's home on Edugains including discussion on further ILE support -ILEA project updates including future workshops for ILS and the future revised curriculum guidelines -promotion of multilingualism -alliances … [Read more...]

IL Ministry update and future ILEA meetings

Good day ILEA Institutional Reps! The Ministry of Education IL-E Resource Guide has now been posted! Further good news has been confirmed this week with the Ministry as well - the Ministry will be developing the website that features this document with sample resources, organizers from the document, checklists, links and more! ILEA will provide assistance for the development of this website and this will include ILEA's Four Pillars of the Importance of International Language Education! Great news! In regards to IL-S (Secondary), this Ministry of Education Curriculum Guideline is still in … [Read more...]

REMINDER! ILEA Institutional Forum Meeting on Monday February 25, 2013

Focus: International Languages Elementary Resource Guide (newly released) and International Languages Secondary Curriculum Guidelines (forthcoming) This meeting is for institutional representatives and will focus on the new IL - E Resource Guide with a chance for school board and organizational members to get insight into the new document and share ideas and thoughts on how to raise awareness related to language programs within schools and communities. Participants will also get an overview of what is coming in relation to the new secondary curriculum guidelines. Institutional members … [Read more...]

ILEA Winter Meeting! Special Ministry Update Session

Greetings ILEA Institutional Representatives! This is to give you early notice that our Winter Institutional Forum will take place on Monday, February 25th, 2013 in Toronto. The times will be from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the location is yet to be finalized but it will most likely take place at the offices of the Ministry of Education - to be confirmed. This meeting will have an intensive focus on the new IL - E Resource Guide that will soon be available on the Ministry of Education website (and linked from the ILEA website). This meeting will provide a more in depth view of the parts of … [Read more...]