ILEA Institutional Forum Fall Meeting – 2012

The first meeting of the ILEA Institutional Members' Forum of the 2012-2013 school year will be helod on October 9, 2012 at the Catholic Education Centre at 80 Sheppard Ave. E., Toronto.  It will be held in the Committee Room of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.  Times will be from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.  More information to follow in September! Please send any agenda items to … [Read more...]

Workshop in Ottawa: It’s in the task!

ILEA (International Languages Educators' Association) in partnership with OTF (Ontario Teachers' Federation) is offering a summer program for teachers of International Languages on July 25 and 26, 2012 in Ottawa. For a full description of the workshop please go to the OTF website. The link follows below. This workshop is open to all elementary and secondary language teachers. Please note that the workshop is only for certified teachers ( OCT or letter of standing). The deadline for registration is June 8th. This is the first time that we are offering this workshop in Ottawa. We hope that … [Read more...]


ILEA's next meeting will be hosted by the The York Region School Board. This meeting will be held at Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning at 36 Regatta Ave in Richmond Hill L4E 4R1 (click to see the area map). The meeting will be start at 10:00 a.m. and end by 2:30 p.m.  Lunch will be provided for members and guests. For further information on location and directions contact the ILEA members at the York Region District School Board at: 905-884-2046 Items on the agenda: 1. IL Secondary Curriculum Update and Feedback Session (Curriculum Expectations) 2. Presentation from Dr. Shelly … [Read more...]

IL Research Project – Laura Ambrosio

Laura Ambrosio, representative of institutional member University of Ottawa, updated ILEA institutional reps on her research projects at the Winter Forum that took place in Ottawa in February of 2012.  Laura has been doing a research project on the current status and needs of IL instructors in Ontario (and hopefully will spread this onwars throughout Canada).  The attached document (below) is a summary of her presentation to the ILEA folks last month. … [Read more...]

Language Alliance Meeting in Ottawa

We are long overdue for the next meeting of the Language Alliance!  If you were not there last time, the Language Alliance is a subcommittee and networking group formed by ILEA Ontario ( The second meeting of the Language Alliance meeting will be on: Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm. at the Albert Education Centre (440 Albert Street - room W131). Meeting will be done by 6:00 pm. Treats available! We had a really rich discussion last time; let's keep up the momentum! Last time, we asked people to come to the meeting with some of these questions in mind - I think they are still … [Read more...]

It’s in the task!

ILEA's Executive will be presenting this weekend in Edmonton for IHLA (International and Heritage Languages Association - Northern Alberta).  Maria and Constantine will be presenting the workshop:  It's in the Task! that focuses on the creation of effective performance-based tasks for communicative language classrooms.  The program flyer is attached for information on this ILEA workshop. … [Read more...]

Feedback session – revised IL-Secondary Curriculum

This is a follow up message for a question that came up recently at an ILEA Institutional Forum meeting. The Ministry of Education is having a feedback session on the revised IL-Secondary Curriculum Guidelines in Toronto on March 8th - this is with invitation only. Subject associations such as ILEA along with school boards are being asked to provide feedback on the revised document. If you have not heard about this and are interested in giving feedback, ask your institution. As well you will have a chance to provide feedback via ILEA on this document after the meeting occurs. … [Read more...]

Some recent articles in the news

Here are some recent articles in the news related to language education that you are sure to enjoy! Thanks to Mike Gretton of SAHLA in Calgary who forwarded these interesting items! Children show gift for language - information on the growth of bilingual/immersion programs in Alberta where parents can select immersion programs in French or another language such as Mandarin, Spanish, German, Ukrainian: Learning your native language is tricky, say adult offspring of immigrants - article about the … [Read more...]